Game Guide

TFT region portals guide based on TFT.OP.GG data. Provides detailed information on effect of region portals.
    Region Portals
    You can choose one out of three portals in Round 1-1 to create a unique and distinctive deck combination.
  • Ixtal
    • Ixaocan
      Each time players star up 20 units, all players gain increasingly valuable loot.
    • Cardinal Arcology
      You will always be offered a Silver, Gold, and Prismatic augment, in that order.
    • Serpentine River
      The stage 2 and 4 carousels are replaced by voting rounds. Everyone gets a component anvil and the winning reward!
  • Bilgewater
    • Finn's Market
      Twice per game, Bilgewater Trader Finn will randomly appear and offer Completed, Artifact, Support, or Radiant items. You can choose one to keep for free!
    • Rat Town
      Starting at stage 2, Lucky Shops appear randomly once per stage. These feature units tailored to your army's active traits.
    • Slaughter Docks
      Gain free shop rerolls equal to the stage number plus 1 at the start of each stage! These only last for the round you get them.
  • Freljord
    • Valar's Hollow
      On stage 2-3 gain a component item anvil. On 3-3, gain a Support item anvil.
    • Hearth-Home
      On stage 4-5, gain a Masterwork Upgrade consumable that lets you upgrade one equipped item into its radiant version.
    • Ornn's Forge
      Randomly on either stage 2-5 or 3-5, gain an Artifact Anvil.
  • Shurima
    • Warlord's Palace
      Stage 4-7 is replaced by a treasure armory round. Each reroll costs 1.
    • Shuriman Bazaar
      Each champion on a component carousel has 2 components on them instead of 1.
    • Shifting Sands
      At the start of every round, champions on the 3 rightmost bench slots transform into random champions of the same cost.
  • Shadow Isles
    Shadow Isles
    • Yorick's Graveyard
      Every time a player dies, all players open an armory containing 4 of the eliminated players' items.
    • Thresh's Sanctum
      When ANY unit dies, collect their soul. Every 40 souls, gain a loot orb.
  • Zaun
    • The Sump
      There is no interest this game. Instead, starting on stage 2-1, gain 3 gold every round.
    • Ecliptic Vaults
      Every time you select an augment, gain 4 gold per augment you have.
    • Glasc Industries
      Every time you build a completed item, gain 3 gold.
  • Noxus
    • Immortal Bastion
      Players start with 115 health.
    • Fleshing Arena
      Twice per stage, get a free high-tier champion. The champion's tier increases with game time.
    • Noxkraya
      Each time you take an augment, a random arena hex appears. Champions on an arena hex gain an item that they can use.
  • Ionia
    • Placidium Library
      Gain a Scroll of Knowledge on stage 3-5. Use it on a champion to open an armory offering every emblem that matches their traits.
    • God-Willow's Grove
      A spot on your bench becomes the grove. The champion placed in it contributes their non-unique traits as though they were in your army.
    • The Dreaming Pool
      At the start of each stage, gain a champion that fits your team.
  • Targon
    • Targon Prime
      When you reach 40 Health, receive a blessing from the Targonian gods.
    • Marus Omegnum
      On stage 2-5 and 4-5, gain a Tactician's Crown.
    • The Summit
      Starting at stage 3, gain a Lesser Champion Duplicator at the start of each stage. On stage 5 and beyond, gain a Champion Duplicator instead.
  • Demacia
    • House Lightshield
      Gain a Crown of Demacia on stage 2-1. If the holder dies, you instantly lose the fight.
    • Ehrenmount
      Gain 3 component anvils at the start of the game.
  • The Void
    The Void
    • Hall of the Nine
      At the start of each stage, everyone gets the same loot from a highly varied pool.
    • Unstable Rift
      Gain an unstable completed item that pops off and transforms into a random item every round.
    • The Rupture
      Travel to a random location that is not currently shown.
  • Piltover
    • Stillwater Hold
      Whenever you would be offered an augment, gain a completed item anvil instead.
    • The University
      The first augment offered this game will be prismatic.
    • Jayce's Workshop
      All augments offered this game will be prismatic.
  • Bandle City
    Bandle City
    • Yuumi's Zoom Zone
      When you buy XP, gain an additional 2.
    • Scuttle Puddle
      PvE monsters are replaced by scuttle crabs that grant extra loot.
    • Bandle Cafeteria
      Gain a Spatula on stage 2-1. Each round, champions equipped with Spatulas feed Poro Snax to their closest ally and grant them 20 permanent Health for each Spatula component they have.