Game Guide

TFT gold/experience guide based on TFT.OP.GG data. Learn about gold and experience, how to gain them, and how to use them effectively.

Round Bonus

Round Bonus
RoundGold Bonus
1-2 Round+2 Gold
1-3 Round+2 Gold
1-4 Round+3 Gold
2-1 Round+4 Gold
2-2+ Round+5 Gold

PvP Bonus

PvP Bonus
Win/LoseGold Bonus
Win Round+1 Gold
Lose Round0 Gold

Interest Income

Interest Income
GoldGold Bonus
0~9 Gold0 Gold
10~19 Gold+1 Gold
20~29 Gold+2 Gold
30~39 Gold+3 Gold
40~49 Gold+4 Gold
50+ Gold+5 Gold

Win/Lose Streak Bonus

Win/Lose Streak Bonus
Win/Lose StreakGold Bonus
6 Win+3 Gold
5 Win+2 Gold
4 Win+1 Gold
3 Win+1 Gold
2 Win0 Gold
1W / 1L0 Gold
2 Lose0 Gold
3 Lose+1 Gold
4 Lose+1 Gold
5 Lose+2 Gold
6 Lose+3 Gold

XP Table

Xp Table
LevelNeed XP
Level 10 XP
Level 20 XP
Level 32 XP
Level 46 XP
Level 510 XP
Level 620 XP
Level 736 XP
Level 848 XP
Level 980 XP
Level 1084 XP